Dal Lake – Srinagar

Dal Lake – Srinagar

Before going to Sonamarg, our base camp for Kashmir Great Lakes Trek, and after completion of our trek, we explore Srinagar City and famous Dal Lake.

Dal Lake

Dal Lake is the second largest Lake in Jammu and Kashmir.  Dal means Lake in Kashmiri. The sparkling quite waters of Dal Lake surrounded by mountains on his three sides, undoubtedly made it one of the most beautiful lake in India.  There are floating gardens in this Lake and Potato, tomato, pumpkin, cucumber, and lots of other vegetables are grown here on these floating gardens.

We stayed in Houseboat on the first day of arrival in Srinagar.  Our houseboat’s name was Czara.  Room was nice and it was a unique experience staying on the houseboat surrounded by water.

We took the Shikara from this Ghat…

Our Houseboat Czara..

In the evening we took a Shikara Ride of Dal Lake for Rs.300/- only.

Our Shikara Ride…..

On our last day in Srinagar we visited the Gardens in Srinagar.  Tulip garden was closed during that period.  So visited Nishant Garden, Chashme Shahi (the Royal Spring).  The Gardens were beautiful and there are many varieties of flowers.

Watch this video…